Hot Tub Covers

Is your cover heavy, waterlogged and difficult to take on and off your hot tub? Is your cover damaged or letting heat out? Time for a new one. Hot tub covers in bad condition can cause energy bills to rise as heat is being released and your hot tub is working harder to stay warm. Save money with a replacement.

Hot Tub Covers for Any Make or Model!

We have hot tubs covers to fit ANY make and model hot tub – not just the ones we carry. Oregon Hot Tub is your one-stop shopping location to get a brand new cover that looks and works perfectly.

The newest cover innovations – SMARTOP Covers are now also available! (learn more about Smartop Covers here)

To order yours today, give us a call at 503-533-5603.

Want to make things even easier? Download and fill out our Hot Tub Cover Ordering Guide by clicking here.

Measuring Your Cover

We will ask for the dimensions of your hot tub to get an exact fit. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on measuring for hot tub covers.

Note: There are instances when just having the serial number may be enough if we have that template on file, but that usually only applies to the line of hot tubs we sell. For all other brands and to be on the safe side, follow the instructions for measuring.