Chronic Illness Symptoms

header_benefits_sauna_chronicResearch shows that steam hydrotherapy may relieve symptoms of numerous chronic conditions including but not limited to glaucoma and chronic fatigue syndrome. The heat of a sauna causes a bather’s internal temperature to rise. When the body is exposed to elevated temperature, heat shock proteins are created. According to research, heat shock proteins may reduce glaucoma symptoms. Saunas also increase blood circulation, which help rush these beneficial proteins to the eyes.

Saunas may also aid in decreasing symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Saunas induce a simulated exercise effect on the human body. By elevating the body’s internal temperature, lowering blood pressure, increasing the heart rate, the body achieves exercise-like benefits—reducing inflammation, increasing oxygen levels, removing toxins, and releasing endorphins.

If you have been diagnosed with any chronic condition, consult your doctor before using a sauna as prolonged exposure to heat may have an adverse effort.